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If you need a starting point have a look at the Online Marketing Fire Triangle. This will help you identify the areas you need to focus on first. You can download it for free to take away and have some super bedtime reading!

The Online Marketing Fire Triangle is made up of the three elements of digital marketing required to ignite your online business. Like a fire that requires fuel, oxygen and heat to maintain a successful fire, you need the three areas of online marketing to be successful:




Many people are just getting to grips with the first two elements, but without reporting, you will never know if any of your efforts are working. Also, with your reporting element in place, you will be able to tell if you actually have a viable business and what your Return On Investment (ROI) is. This may even allow you to get more investment and grow your business even further.

The website revolves around these three key areas, so you will be able to navigate through, finding the resources you need to build your knowledge.

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Here's what other business have said:

"Our business relies heavily on digital marketing and lead generation for sales to grow. Conversion Rate Optimisation has played a key part in how we generate more leads and sales potential to grow our business quicker than our competition.

Having expertise in the high-growth phase of this optimisation has helped establish a better return on our pay-per-click marketing spend, and has helped increase email marketing campaigns for higher engagement and customer response.

I can recommend that every business using the web to market their service or product should invest in understanding and implementing conversion rate optimisation in order to improve their online business results. You get more return on your investment and more understanding about your customer with which to row your online results."

Ivan McKeever, 
Switch My Business