Food Photography for everyone

Do you really need an expensive camera and a degree in photography to take great photos for your blog?
Of course not! You can make great pictures using your iPad and some sneaky apps!
I will show you how to utilise your iPad/iPhone and a whole host of free apps to make your pictures look great. I say: work with what you’ve got and make the best of what’s available for free.

I’ll also show you how to take those photos one step further and promote your new and wonderful content with great pictures on social media.

I have a confession. All I ever think about is food. Food all day long. You may think that I think about digital marketing some of the time too, but no, mainly it’s all about food.

Now I know I’m not the only one, because they’re are a lot of people out there doing the same, and like me, they like to write about food too. And with the food blogging obsession comes the food photography too. Some food bloggers have the luxury of having some top-spec photography equipment too. Their pictures are so lovely. Every detail is crystal clear. The colours are truly magnificent. Your mouth is watering just looking at all that lovely food. How did they do it? Do they have a fully-equipped photographic studio in their kitchen? Do their children have to wait an extra hour to eat their tea because Mommy’s taking pictures of the gravy? Probably. But I’m not that cruel to my kids and I like to make the food – and eat it too!

So here’s a cunning guide for all you food bloggers as to how to take top pictures for your blog with only the aid of an iPad. Let’s be quick and effective food bloggers so we can all get down to what really matters – eating.

My very favourite discoveries are Instagram, Snapseed and Canva. If you don’t have these on you iPad – stop now and download them.

You can see from the above pictures of before and after, that the original picture is quite dull and not very inspiring. I used Snapseed to lift the colours and sharpen the details. I also used the tilt shift effect to focus on the centre of the food and fade out beyond the food.

The picture above was taken with my iPad. I then posted it on Instagram with an effect on it. I love this picture so much, it’s now my cover photo on the Mean Mother Cooker Facebook page. I made sure all the little sandwiches were lined up, and you could see the yummy insides of the sandwiches too.

This picture was taken with my iPad, adjusted in Snapseed, then added text in Canva for a social media post.

Facebook cover:

The Canva app is great for turning your pictures into fantastic graphics for social media. You can take inspiration from the existing layouts, or you can go freestyle and do your own thing.

It is always a pain making sure you have all the right sizes for different social media channels. Of course, you don’t have to worry about sizes in Instagram, because it’s all done on the app for you, but when it comes to a Facebook post and a Pinterest Pin – there’s quite a difference. Canva is great for this because it has suggested sizes, but if you are in doubt, have a look at the SOS Social Media Size Guide to help you out.

The Facebook post:

Facebook post: