What’s this? Another new-fangled digital thing we’re all meant to know about. Here’s a quick guide to the basics of digital marketing. Don’t be left behind…..

Optimisation? Say Whaaat?

Boys: You’ve got a car. A nice shiny, new car. Well, that’s what you want – what you’ve really got is a dirty, old banger. The clutch is going, it needs an oil change, it sounds like a tractor, the horn makes a squeak, there’s a dent in the rear passenger side door and you can’t open the boot (I have actually bought this car and I’m still angry). A quick run through the local car wash isn’t going to transform your old banger into a Maserati.

Girls: You’re single. You want to find a date. You haven’t waxed your legs or had your hair done for months. You’ve been avoiding the gym and loving cake too much. Make-up? What make-up? But you’ve got a great sense of humour. Bah! You need help to optimise yourself to your full potential. But slapping on some make-up isn’t going to disguise the sound of your wheezing lungs when you climb the stairs with your hot date.

I think you get the picture. There are many steps to take to fully optimise your website’s potential. But first, you need to take a good look at your website. You need to fully optimise its appearance, what it says and it’s efficiency. Optimisation is the mechanic to your car.

Social Media? Say Whaaat?

Social media. Everyone’s at it like bunnies in spring. But is social really the right word for it? When all we do is spend time on our own having a nosey at what others have been up to.

You might like to post pictures of your fluffy puppy on Facebook, or rant about politics, or be so proud of how many Twitter followers you have – we are all just looking for validation. But posting pictures of you drunk at a party does not make you a social media guru. You’d never catch me doing that sort of thing. Ever.

Social Media in business is a whole different ball game. You have Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. But which channels are right for you and what should you be posting? First, you need a plan. And you want it to come together. Marketing genius Hannibal Smith was on to something there.

Think of social media like you are standing in an overcrowded train station. Hundreds of people are surrounding you. You’ve got a watch to sell, so you start shouting about your fantastic watch. Most people will ignore you, others will move away, some will feel a little scared – and let’s face it – who’s gonna trust some mad dude shouting about a watch? You’re just waiting for the authorities to come and take you away. Epic fail!